Holly Black & Cassandra Clare Talk and Signing

On Saturday, August 15 2015, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare went to Kinokuniya for an author talk and signing. They were attending the Brisbane Writers Festival and stopped by Sydney for one event only, both answering questions and talking about the series that they wrote together, the Magisterium series, and also each of their own individual work, mentioning a possibility of another novel following ‘The Coldest Girl in Coldtown’ and a graphic novel for ‘The Mortal Instruments‘ series.

There were a lot of people who attended, we took up an entire section of the store. It was the first author talk and signing that I have been to and it was definitely a lot of fun to hear advice from them such as how to go about writer’s block and how to make a character more likeable. I will definitely be keeping tabs on future events like this. They shared a lot and it was really fun to get inside their heads and hear them talk about how they see their worlds and characters.

I was fortunate enough to attend the event, getting a seat and a definite chance for my books to be signed. I originally brought hardbacks of ‘The Coldest Girl in Coldtown’ and ‘City of Bones‘, however on the day, I also purchased ‘The Shadowhunters Codex‘ written by both Cassandra Clare and her husband, Joshua Lewis.


For every one bad thing, there are one hundred good things

-Cassandra Clare

Happy Reading!


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