2016 Book, Blogging and Personal Resolutions

Welcome 2016! I’m looking forward to your bridges and walls, I’ll start planning my way around them and hope I stick to those plans. 2016 marks my last year in high school which I’m very much looking forward to, I’m gonna try and make the following resolutions as realistic as I possibly can. 🙂


Bookish Resolutions

2016 reading challenge

This year I will attempt on reading 30 books, at least two a month while I’m still finishing my senior year. Most of these books will probably be the ones that I was meant to read last year but didn’t. Here are my bookish resolutions for the year:

  • read and get up to date with a series
  • more fantasy books
  • book before movie

Blogging Resolutions

  • have a schedule
  • write posts and schedule them for the future when I have spare time
  • review every book I read
  • interact more with the blogging community

Personal Resolutions

  • have a schedule for school work
  • stick to the schedule for school work
  • keep a journal
  • write more short stories, attempt song lyrics
  • pursue learning the guitar sometime in the year
  • save money $$$


What are some of your resolutions? 🙂



Happy Reading!



Let's Talk Bookish

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