December 2015 | MMM


Welcome to the Monthly Media Musings. MMM is a monthly segment where I look back at the past month and discuss a movie that I’ve seen from that month, the TV show that stood out the most for me and the song that I’ve been jamming in my earphones over and over again.

Happy New Year everyone! How’s 2016 looking so far for you all?

December was a rather slow month. Getting up the Christmas tree, buying Christmas presents, hearing Michael Bublé on the radio again. Let’s recap

More Than Words – Extreme

Who cannot love this song? It’s chill and relaxing. It is my aim to learn how to play this song on a guitar and be able to sing the song at the same time.


First How To Get Away With Murder and now Scandal, Shonda Rhimes has done well. I’ve been binge watching this series and am now up to date! Good television.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

One word. AWESOME!

Happy Reading!



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