March Bookstagram Challenge ’16

I have created my first monthly bookish photo challenge for Instagram! If you guys have Instagram, comment what your username is and join me in the challenge 🙂


  1. March TBR – the books you plan on reading for the month of March, your ‘To Be Read’
  2. Recent Buy – most recent book you purchased
  3. Short Book – shortest book you own
  4. Long Book – longest book you own
  5. Favourite Dedication – favourite book dedication i.e. ‘For Mum’
  6. Bookish Wave – set your books out to create a ‘wave’ effect – examples
  7. Chapter 7 – open a book up to chapter 7 and take a photo
  8. Where I Read – a photo of where you read, i.e. couch, bed, etc
  9. Book and Tea – pair a book and a cup of tea together
  10. Auto-buy Authors – post the books of your auto-buy author (you automatically buy this author’s books, no matter what)
  11. One Word Title – post a book with a one word title
  12. Gorgeous Spines – show everyone your favourite spines of books
    Do @bookwormaniac‘s Rainbow Photography Book Tag example
  13. White Books
  14. Black Books
  15. Purple Books
  16. Blue Books
  17. Green Books
  18. Yellow Books
  19. Orange Books
  20. Red Books
  21. Pink Books
  22. Back Covers – post a photo of your favourite back covers – example
  23. Book and Coffee  – pair a book and a cup of coffee together – tag your photos with #imacaffeinatedreader to be featured in @caffeinated.readers
  24. Book and Laptop – pair your book and laptop together
  25. Bookish Maze – set out your books to create a maze – example
  26. Recommendation – recommend a book
  27. Currently reading – post your current read
  28. Recent Release – a recently released book
  29. #shelfie – post a photo of your shelf/shelves
  30. Haul – the books you bought during the month of March
  31. Wrap Up – the books you read during the month of March

Looking forward to seeing your posts!

sign off


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