How I Edit My Instagram Photos


Bookstagram is why I started blogging. For those of you who already know and follow my Instagram then yay ❤ If not, my handle is @alyssaisreading and leave yours below in the comments as well. For this post, I’m just going to be guiding you on how I edit my Instagram photos. I edit most of them the same way, apart from the ones with my face on it, so here’s the rundown:

apps that i use



Most of these you would have to pay for though I got two at a discounted price. They also, apart from Facetune I believe, include in-app purchases.

For an example, I will be using the photo below:


VSCO – FREE (though most filters you’d have to pay for)
I mainly do all of my editing on this app. I change the exposure and temperature to -1 or leave it at 0, and this app contains all of my favourite filters. In fact, I only use filters from this app. My favourite filters are A6, E3, HB1, HB2, Q2 and Q4 (examples are down below).

htb2 htb3

htb4 htb5

htb6 htb7

For the rest the post, I will be using A6, which is the filter that I use for my Bookstagram photos right now.

FACETUNE – $5.99
After using VSCO, I would move the photo to Facetune. I use Facetune to make the details in the photo stand out more, to make the photo brighter if needed and to blur or patch certain things in the photo that I might not want.

For the Passenger photo, I didn’t need to cover anything up or make the photo look brighter. All I did was use the details tool to highlight and enhance the cover of the book and the cake as well . You can see that the reflection of the bottle is clearer and so is the author’s name in the right photo below.

Before and after the details tool
htb9 2 

SKRWT – $2.99
This app is all about perspective. I can tilt the photo different types of ways to align it properly or make it flat.

For this photo I wanted to make the cover stand out more so I tilted the photo horizontally then vertically to take some focus off the laptop and make the cover slightly bigger.

htb10.5 htb11

htb12 htb13

WORD SWAG – $5.99
I use Word Swag for adding in my watermark. I use it mostly for the feature images on my blog.

I normally use Miss Modest for my watermark and I generally make it grey and put the transparency up by two or three spaces so that it’s not that obvious. And I generally put them in subtle places in the photo.

htb14 htb15


I mostly use Word Swag for the feature images on the blog. A few examples are below:

 before and after

htb1 htb17

And there you have it! That is how I edit most of my photos. Each photo is different so usually you would have to play around and see what looks best though I try to stick with a single theme for my feed.

One more quick and important tip: NATURAL LIGHTING MATTERS
Especially if you’re sticking with a single theme for your feed, and if you’re a perfectionist like a tiny part of me, natural lighting is key. You can keep editing and see if adjusting contrast, exposure, brightness, etc can get your photo to look the way you want. Though most of the time, you do have to get that lighting on point.

And that’s all I have to share with  you guys! I don’t edit my photos much, you wouldn’t wanna overdo editing. I will update this type of post once I change my feed a little and/or discover different apps and techniques.

My Bookstagram – @alyssaisreading


22 thoughts on “How I Edit My Instagram Photos

  1. MyBookJacket says:

    I need to get an Intl credit card so I can get facetune. I absolutely love the app! This was so helpful, thanks Alyssa. My Instagram is new and I’m still trying to figure it out.


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