April Book Challenge ’16

April is near approaching which means another bookstagram challenge from me! For April I’ve teamed up with Alicia over at #lovebooks (you can find her bookstagram here). Join us in the challenge! Use the hashtag #alyssaandaliciaapril16 (that’s a lot of A’s).


What each of the challenges mean:

  1. April TBR -the books you plan on reading for the month of April, your ‘To Be Read’
  2. Movie Adaptation – A book to movie adaptation
  3. Funny Character – A beloved character that you found hilarious
  4. Naked Hardback – A hardback book without the jacket
  5. Fave Friendship – Favourite book friendship
  6. Most Owned Authors – Post a photo of the books of your most owned author
  7. Special Book – Special edition? A book personally special to you?
  8. Best First Line – Your favourite first line of a book
  9. Book and Funko – Pair a book and pop vinyl together
  10. #SockSunday – Pair a book and a pair of socks, with the hashtag #SockSunday
  11. Book and Camera – Pair a book and camera together
  12. Paperback Love – Your favourite paperbacks/paperback editions
  13. Bookmarks – Show off your bookmarks
  14. E-Book – Post an ebook
  15. Current Read – Post the book you’re currently reading, with the hashtag #CurrentlyReading
  16. Blue Books – Books that are blue
  17. Fave Quote  – Post your favourite quote, from the book itself or handwritten, etc.
  18. Last Book Purchase – Your most recent purchased book
  19. OTP! – Your One True Pairing
  20. Fav Song + Book – Pair a book and your favourite song together
  21. Fave Cover – Your favourite cover
  22. Reading Spot! – Where you read
  23. Fave Contemporary – Your favourite contemporary novel
  24. #Shelfie – Post a photo of your bookshelf/bookshelves
  25. Underhyped Books – Books who need more appreciation and hype
  26. Books with lots of feels – A book that made you feel so many emotions
  27. Best Ending – A book with the best ending (NO SPOILERS)
  28. Disappointing Books – A book that disappointed you in any way
  29. April Haul – All the books you acquired in April
  30. April Wrap – All the books you read in April

Alicia and I are looking forward to seeing your posts! 🙂



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