6 Reasons I Get Into Reading Slumps


Reading slumps are one of the worse things that I can ever fall into. Mostly because it makes it difficult to blog/read others’ blog posts because I haven’t read a certain book; relating and discussing the book and avoiding spoilers can be difficult. Every avid reader goes into a reading slump at least ONCE in their lifetime, and if they haven’t: I would love to hear how they have managed to escape it.

According to Urban Dictionary, a Reading Slump is:

“a readers worst nightmare.

not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read.”

1. binge watching

Binge watching is basically the reason I fall into an anything slump. I am a huge TV person, I watch a variety of shows and it is never good when I discover a new one, especially a Netflix show (because all their episodes are released in one day, giving me no limits). I’m sure everyone has fallen into a reading slump because of a good show, and if you haven’t: you haven’t found the right show.

2. bookish heartbreak

My longest reading slump was over a year. It was mostly because of TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars). I wasn’t much of an avid reader back then, I only read series’ that I liked and I didn’t really explore books. Someone recommended TFIOS to me and it was the first book that made me afraid to read anything else because I didn’t want to feel all of those emotions again. When I joined the bookish community, I discovered a whole range of books that will make you feel 10000+ more emotions than TFIOS, and yup, I avoided those for a long time. Some I am still avoiding (I’m looking at you, The Last Time We Said Goodbye).

3. School

Good ol’ school.. The number one reason I usually can’t do everything I’d want to: sleep, binge watch, read, etc. Being in my last year of high school, everything gets pretty hectic. Going into senior year, the workload really hit me, it wasn’t a gradual build. I don’t think school would be a big issue if there’s a good schedule for doing school work.

4. Time

Sometimes, there are other things more important to do. It could be work, school, chores, social events, family events. This is a really simple, though unlikely (for me), reason. In some cases, there is no time for reading.

5. It starts feeling like work

I usually stop doing things I love to do when they start to feel like work. In some cases, when I have to finish a book by a certain time or have a blog post for it done by a certain time, I tend to put it off, for the one reason that it has a due date attached to it. I hope it’s not just me.

6. Procrastination

I’ve split this into two sections: 1) procrastinating from something else  and 2) procrastinating from a bad book

Usually when I’m putting off other work such as school or chores, I pick up a book. Though I’m not always 100% concentrating because those tasks are haunting my head, resulting me in having to read over and over again because the story isn’t sinking in. In other cases, I tend to put off reading because I am in the middle of the book that I simply can’t seem to enjoy and, for some reason, won’t put it on the DNF list.


What are your reasons for falling into a reading slump? could you relate to some of mine? any advice to fix any of the reasons above? let me know 🙂 let’s talk bookish


27 thoughts on “6 Reasons I Get Into Reading Slumps

  1. Jess says:

    oh most of these are massive for me!
    I’m not a massive TV person really, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I never get the TV in my house. Everyone is always constantly watching something else. So I just read.
    But I’ve already been through one massive slump this year, and that was when I didn’t read anything for DEC – to the middle of FEB because of a back injury (that’s still on going, but I can finally read with). Now I’m hitting a deadline slump, that just makes it all so much harder. SO much to read and no time to read enough in!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Read Diverse Books says:

    Once reading starts to feel like work, it’s definitely a sign of an incoming reading slump.

    Sometimes they happen for no reason. I love reading so much, like so much. But sometimes I just need a break for no reason other than I get tired of it (temporarily) and need to do something else to spice up my days.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hermionefowl says:

    I do all of these things! The absolute worst is when you have a combination of some of them – the little free time you do have from school you spend watching TV, and you have only review copies to read, and it makes the slump 1000 times worse. If someone has a magical cure for reading slumps, I need to know it!


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