Plan With Me: May (An Intro to My First Bullet Journal)


Hello everyone! It’s been a slow start to my May but I’m gonna kick things off with introducing you guys to a new obsession that I’ve been..obsessing over. I’ve been seeing bullet journals all over my Instagram and Pinterest lately.

If you don’t know anything about bullet journals, check out Ryder Carroll’s website, the person who invented the bullet journal system.

Now to introduce you to my bullet journal and walking you through my May spreadsBoho Berry and Pretty Prints and Paper.


The notebook that I use is the Leuchtturm1917 notebook, square grid and colour berry. I looked for a dotted grid, which is what most bullet journal users are using but none of the stores had them so I settled for square. It’s hardbound, has two bookmarks and a pocket at the back, plus it allows you to label the spine and the front of the notebook if you wish.


Here are what the first few pages of my bullet journal looks like, starting off with the 2016 yearly view


Following the Calendex, where you can see the months broken down into twelve columns and the weeks broken up by the rows. It is a mix of a calendar and an index. To learn more about the system, look at this post by Eddy Hope, the creator of the system.


Then I have my TV trackers. This first one is where I list all the shows that I held on pause and added to my watchlist recently. And the reason they are on the list is because of senior year. I note the episode I last saw or just write “all” if it’s the entire show.


Next is the TV Tracker for the month of May. On the spread above, I ruled seven columns to separate the week days, and write down which shows come out on which day (Australian time). Then I there was a big space left out so I just wrote that I love from Friends:

“You don’t have a TV? Where’s all your furniture pointed at?”

-Joey Tribianni

On the spread below, is the daily view. Each column represents a day in the month of May. I put a square on the days in which the episode comes out and inside I write down the episode number to keep track. May is the start of the hiatus season so you can see, as May ends, season finales air.


Continuing on, we have my May monthly spread, along with my May goals (which I have not filled out yet). This is to get an overview of the month, put in any occasions and what nots. And the yellow and black tag on the left side acts as a bookmark, so it’s easy to flip to that page.


Then we have my May Book Challenge which I did with Brooke and my brain dump, which is basically a page where I jot down ideas for blog posts, things to do, thoughts I have, etc.


Following those is my May Memories spread (the paris sticker at the top is because I made a typo when I first wrote it down). This page I am going to love because you can get creative with it, stick in movie stubs, doodle, etc. Basically anything memorable that happened in May, it will be there on that spread.

Then there’s the expenses tracker. Pretty straight forward, just to track my spending and saving.


After that, it’s the gratitude log for May. At the end of every month, I will jot down three things that I was grateful for that day 🙂


And on the right, there is my savings goals. Which isn’t just for May. I think this page will last me the whole year. So far all I have on there is my budget for Supanova 🙂


And there we have it 🙂 That is an intro to my bullet journal and a looksie inside my spreads for May. I am very much looking forward to filling everything out and I will be doing a one month update early June so keep an eye out, also to see my daily pages which I did not include in this post ❤


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