June Book Challenge ’16

June is coming! Which means another bookstagram challenge  ❤
This month I’ve partnered up with Alicia from @hashtaglovebooks.alicia and Elise from @crumbsoffiction (she came to us with the idea of collaborating 🙂 ) Make sure to go and check out their accounts!
For this post, I’m going to share the June challenge and explaining what each of them mean. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, Alicia or Elise :) Use the hashtag #junereading16 if you’re participating!

  1.  TBR – the books you plan on reading in June
  2.  FAVOURITE – a favourite of yours
  3.  BASED ON A TRUE STORY – a book that’s based on a true story
  4.  GAVE YOU THE FEELS – a book that left you with so many emotions
  5.  FINISHED IN A DAY – a book you finished in one day
  6.  COVER BUY – a book you bought for the cover
  7.  SHORT STORIES – self explanatory
  8.  PUBLISHED @ 2016 – a book published in 2016
  9.  BOOK + BEVERAGE – pair a book and a beverage together
  10.  RECOMMENDATION – recommend a book
  11.  GRAPHIC NOVEL/COMIC – self explanatory
  12.  FAVOURITE VILLAIN – who is your favourite literary villain?
  13.  WANDERLUST BOOKS – books that give you wanderlust
  14.  BOOK + WATCH – pair a book and a watch together
  15.  OMBRE BOOKS – arrange books to me an ombre style (see examples)
  16.  INSPIRATIONAL READ – a book that’s inspirational
  17.  BOOK + FLOWERS – pair a book and a flower(s)
  18.  DNF – a book you did not finish
  19.  CLASSICS – a classic book(s)
  20.  PASTEL BOOKS – pastel coloured books
  21.  SOMETHING BLUE – a blue book with blue props
  22.  CHAPTER 22 – chapter 22 of a book (maybe your current read)
  23.  PAGE 394 – page 394 of a book
  24.  FAVE SHELF SECTION – favourite shelf on your bookcase
  25.  BOOK + DOODLE – book and a doodle you created
  26.  BEST WORLD BUILDING – a book with great world building
  27.  CREEPY CHARACTER – a character that gave you the creeps
  28.  #BOOKISHSTAIRS – set up the books to look like stairs (see examples)
  29.  HAUL – books you got in the month of June
  30.  WRAP UP – the books you read in June

Remember to use the hashtag #junereading16 so we can see your photos


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