Blogging Changes and More Updates


Hello everyone! A little mini update about the blog and what should be headed your way over the next few months or so.

I’ve been MIA mostly because of school work but also I did not want to post anything yet without forming a consistent design. So I have been using Pinterest to broaden my knowledge on design and design processes to benefit me in school and for my blog as well. I have developed a brand style guide for my blog (also it helps if I ever launch a self-hosted site). Below is my style guide, a change in logo, fonts and web elements:



Since I started blogging, I did not really stick to a schedule even though I kept making them. Though I hope this one will stick. I will now be posting at least once a week, every Monday (Sydney Time). I am also expanding my blog to TV and movies, not just books. I hope this change doesn’t cause many of you to turn your heads. Blogging about more topics will help me blog more because there will be a wider range of topics to write about.

That’s all folks 🙂



14 thoughts on “Blogging Changes and More Updates

    • Alyssa @ alyssaisreading says:

      I think you should 🙂 I wanted to blog about a lot of things but I’ve narrowed it down to all things fiction (and a few non-fiction books every now and then) because I was afraid blogging about too many topics wouldn’t be good


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