Bookstagram Q&A!


Hey everyone! A while back I asked my followers on Instagram to send me questions for a Q&A article that I was writing for Printed Words. Below are my answers:

How important is it for your feed to have a theme? @pagesandtales

It’s not 100% important to me. I like having consistency in my photos to have an good look at the overall feed. Though if I have taken a photo that I love, yet doesn’t match my theme, I will still post it.

Aside from sharing your love for books and possibly meeting new friends, do you have other reasons for joining the world of bookstagram? @imfictionallyyours

THE PRETTY PHOTOS! A And also the creativity. I bet most of the people who are on bookstagram not only have a love for books but also love photography. It’s so nice to just scroll through the feed and see everyone’s photos, how creative and colourful they are. Plus, it’s another method for me to nd new books. It’s a great place for publicity, especially for new authors.

Do you change posts according to what your followers would like to see or to what you prefer to see? @booksandmuch

I hardly ever post according to what my followers would want to see. I usually post from my monthly prompts or I found a photo I took from a while back but never posted.

Do you ever feel tempted to post something that doesn’t match your feed, and how do you make sure everything matches?@mytinybooknook

Not all of my photos match. Sometimes I go out to a restaurant and the food just looks so good that I like pairing it with a book and the table would be a darker colour which is a complete contrast to my white bedsheets. But it doesn’t stop me from posting it, if it’s a good photo, I will share it with everyone.

How often do you post?@whoisdaisyx

Do you post pictures with a certain time-frame in mind, or is it spontaneous? Always spontaneous. There’s no specific time where I post but I try to post everyday.

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What would you say are the top 5 elements of running a successful bookstagram account?  @mediashadowreads

For me, the top 5 elements are:

1. GOOD LIGHTING – all photos have good lighting, natural lighting is your friend as I’ve said many times before.

2. POST REGULARLY – if not everyday, every 2-3 days. Or explain if you will be MIA for a while.

3. INTERACTION – make sure to interact with your followers and with other bookstagrammers as well, maybe by collaborating for something or just to take about that one plot twist that you can’t stop thinking about

4. AESTHETICS – aesthetically pleasing photos are the best kinda photos, where the layout is on point, if there is a central image, it is clear what that image is, etc.

5. MAKE IT YOURS – despite number 1 and 4, make your bookstagram feed your own, post what you’d like and how you’d like. Basically be yourself J

Who do you follow? Do you follow people solely on feeds and if they inspire you, irregardless of whether they follow you back? @girl_with_the_third_eye

I follow accounts that I think have really good and pretty photos, yes, irregardless of whether they follow me back. Also accounts that have good interaction with their own followers. A few of my favourite accounts are @bookwormaniac, @celinereads, @sammyreadsbooks and @ourbookworlds.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them down in the comments or through my Instagram itself  ❤

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