November Book Challenge ’16


November is here! That means another monthly book challenge ❤ This month, I didn’t collaborate with anyone as I did this last minute 🙂 This post will explain each prompt, comment below if you have any more questions or pop me a comment or message on Instagram: @alyssaisreading.

  1. NOVEMBER TBR – the books you plan on reading for November 2016
  2. CREEPY COVER – books with creepy covers
  3. TEAR JERKER – a book that made you cry
  4. #SHELFIE – show us your bookshelf
  5. EASY READ – a book you found easy to read/a quick read
  6. SHORT BOOK – self-explanatory
  7. GREEN BOOKS – self-explanatory
  8. ‘THE CHOSEN ONE’ TROPE – a book that uses the trope where only one character can resolve the plot/defeat the villain/etc. (for example; Harry Potter)
  9. FAVE TITLE(S) – book/s containing a good title
  10. FEEL GOOD BOOK – a book that picks you up when you’re down
  11. CHAPTER 11 – self-explanatory
  12. HARDBACKS – self-explanatory
  13. SLOW READ – not necessarily a long book, maybe a book that took you a while to read
  14. RECOMMENDATION – recommend us a book!
  15. FAVE BOOK TROPE – a book with your favourite YA book trope, such as the manic pixie dream girl, the chosen one, love triangles, etc.
  16. CURRENTLY READING – show us what you’re currently reading
  17. MENTAL HEALTH READ – a book that focuses on mental health
  18. INSPIRING STORY – a story/autobiography that is inspiring
  19. BOOK + PEN – self-explanatory
  20. LIKEABLE VILLAIN – a book with a villain that is likeable despite their evil plan
  21. FAVE VILLAIN – a book with you’re favourite villain
  22. PURPLE BOOKS – self-explanatory
  23. #DITCHTHATJACKET – do the #ditchthatjacket tag! (examples)
  24. #SEAOFBOOKS – do the #seaofbooks tag! (examples)
  25. DIVERSE CHARACTERS – a book with diverse characters
  26. BOOK + HOBBY – incorporate your hobby within your bookish pics 🙂
  27. WINTER READ – a book set in winter/perfect for reading in winter
  28. BOOK + BED – self-explanatory
  29. HAUL – all the books you acquired in the month of November
  30. WRAP UP – all the books you read in November

Thank you to everyone who participated in the October challenge! #alyssaandbreeoct16 was so much fun! Let me know if you plan on participating in this month’s challenge ❤



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