A Letter To My 12-Year-Old Self


Dear pre-nerd Alyssa,

By the time this letter goes live, I will be reading over my notes, preparing for the last HSC exam (which is Design and Technology of all things). High school will officially be over as of 2:30 PM and it’s been an up and down rollercoaster. So before you dive in on six years of this, let me share a few little spoilers.

It’s 2011 where you are and you’re in for that Friday song, an Xperia phone, and the last Harry Potter movie (don’t worry, there’s another J. K. Rowling movie in 2016). Year 7 was the easiest of the six years and I remember how hard I thought everything was when I was doing the assessments, going to camp for the first time and figuring out who to sit with during recess and lunch. Year 7 was pretty chill and fun. Also, the cabins get better for camp throughout the years, I promise.

I addressed this to you, pre-nerd Alyssa because by the time you hit Year 9 you’ll find these things called fandoms, and the one that will hit you the most is Supernatural. Believe me when I say binge-watching 8 seasons of a 40-minute show is possible in 3 weeks. After that, I pretty much buried as much time as I possibly can watching all of these awesome American shows that I’ve heard of and I have been preferring living in those fictional universes instead of the real world because it started to suck.

School will get tough, and it’s not just the workload, you’ll jump from friendship group to friendship group and it will be exhausting but fine in the end, you’ll find nerds just like you. Although everything gets harder year after year. Also, a crucial piece of advice: DO NOT TAKE COMMERCE IN YEAR 9. Not even for one semester, you will never need to revisit those things again, which I could say for nearly all my senior subjects but still.

You’re not social. I think I became less social every year. I skipped the first social dance (no regrets) but I did attend the second social and then the Year 10 dance. If you skip those, you will not regret it, despite what everyone else said you wouldn’t be missing out on anything important really, I’m even skipping formal (no regrets again). The same goes for Year 10 camp, but do not skip the senior retreat, it was like Year 7 camp but with rooms instead of tents.


Senior year wasn’t the best year, I may have made a wrong subject choice that would affect your ATAR and I’m sorry though I tried my best. Looking back, I am going to take a couple of things from six years in that place, like writing a CV, job interview skills, team management, market research and all that practical stuff, and I do remember at least half of my French from three years of it.

I’m gonna be honest, the next six years will not fly by so fast. It’s been a slow and irritating ride. High school won’t be the best times of your life but there were a lot of good moments in those 6 years that weren’t high school related. Exhibit A, one of the best days of my life:


There was absolutely no structure to this letter whatsoever, I just typed whatever came to my brain because for once, I do not have to structure, edit and give a thesis on something like this. Just calm down, turn to Friends when everything gets stressful and too much and it’ll be over in six years.


2k16-cups-letter-to-myself graduation-letter-to-myself

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