24 Little Things That Make Me Happy

Hi everyone! This past month has been hectic, for the world and for me personally due to final exams (which is thankfully over). So I thought I would make this list, just to brighten my day and maybe yours too. If you end up making your own list, link it down in the comments so we can all see 🙂


1. Chocolate mint
2. Taking a photo with a successfully blurred background
3. My birthday
4. Rose gold things
5. The smell of freshly baked brownies
6. Listening to a new downloaded song
7. Headphones that wrap around the ears
8. Connor Franta videos
9. Kikki.k pens
10. Coffee
11. Fun mugs
12. Almond milk things from L’occitane
13. Timepieces
14. Listening to a song I haven’t heard in a while and still knowing all the words
15. Friends TV Show
16. Monogrammed things
17. Any personalised items
18. That one second where jump scares are fun
19. Seeing books with the same height next to each other
20. Peeling off a price sticker off of a book so perfectly
21. Random compliments
22. Making lists
23. Waking up without feeling tired

It was so much fun making this list! Let me know if we have any similar ones and what little things make you happy in the comments below.


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