What’s In My Travel Bag? // 2016

My first What’s In My Bag type post! I leave to go to my home country tomorrow so I thought I’d make a post about most of my travel essentials. Looking at some Youtube videos and blog posts inspired me to write this, like Zoella’s In-Flight Travel Essentials.


  1. The Bag – It’s a rectangular backpack from Samsonite.
  2. Tissues – I always end up needing these, always, always, always. Especially during long flights and it’s cold in the plane
  3. Chewing gum and mints – I usually bring a pack of mints with me whenever I go out to freshen breath and/or have a better after taste than the food I last ate. The last few times I’ve been on flights, chewing gum has been an essential for me. It helps clear blocked ears whenever the plane goes into the air and comes back down.
  4. Hand sanitizer – A must wherever you go really
  5. Perfume – to feel fresher just before getting off of the plane
  6. Face wash – Over the past month, I’ve been loving Tolérance Extrême Cleansing Lotion to wash my face every morning and night. I got the little sample at a stall in the city, it is perfect for flights.
  7. Hand lotion – just because, also it smells good. The hand lotion I’m taking with me is the Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Hand Therapy lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn.
  8. Phone – which isn’t in the photo because I took the photo with it
  9. iPod – I mainly use this to listen to music instead of my phone because it has all of my songs, and when I go out I mainly listen to the radio.
  10. iPad – This will be my best friend during long flights. I always make sure I have something I can rewatch so time goes quicker.
  11. Laptop – I won’t be using my laptop during the flight. Though it has to be in a carry on bag so here it is.
  12. Battery Pack – A long flight means I will definitely need this. The battery pack I use is the Powerstation Plus XL from Mophie.
  13. Headphones – I will bring two different headphones, the other is the normal Apple earphones because this edition of Beats by Dre doesn’t sit on your ears properly, after a while it tends to hurt a little. And it’s better to take naps with small earpods than big headphones.

There are probably a few little things that on my essentials list, like my trusty old pillow but it’s about sixteen years old and not really photogenic right now. And there will be some last minute things that I have totally forgotten about.

What are your travel essentials? Do we have any similar ones?


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