February Book Challenge ’17

My first book photo challenge for the year! ❤ And it’s themed for Valentine’s


  1. February TBR – the books you plan to read this month
  2. Ultimate OTP – your all time favourite couple
  3. Red Books – self-explanatory
  4. Fantasy Romance – your favourite romance/couple from a fantasy read
  5. Red Books – again 🙂
  6. Fave Meet Cute – a cute scene where a couple meets for the first time
  7. NOTP – a couple you do not get/particularly like the idea of
  8. Happy Books – self-explanatory
  9. Romance author – an author who is known for writing romance/has written a lot of romance books
  10. Manic Pixie Book – a book with the manic pixie dream girl trope
  11. #Bookishheart – a bookstagram tag (example)
  12. Classic Romance – fave couple from a classic novel
  13. Cheesy quotes – a book with a number of cheesy lines
  14. Most Romantic – your most romantic read/moment from a book
  15. Pink Books – self-explanatory
  16. Current Read – self-explanatory
  17. #DitchThatJacket – a bookstagram tag (example)
  18. Romantic Cover – a cover filled with romance/cheesiness/pink/red/etc
  19. Inspiring Couple – your go to power couple
  20. Heartbreaker! – a book that broke your heart and left you ugly crying
  21. Dream Book BF/GF – a book bf/gf you wish was yours
  22. Contemporary Love – your favourite couple/romance from a contemporary novel
  23. Shelfie! – self-explanatory
  24. #1 TBR – a book on your TBR list that you are anticipating/wanting to read
  25. Purple Books – self-explanatory
  26. Book + Flowers – self-explanatory
  27. February Haul – all the books you got during this month
  28. February Wrap Up – all the books you read during this month

If you’re participating, don’t forget to use the hashtag #happybookentines so we can all see your photos! ❤


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