Geeking Out: My Dream Loot Crate

Loot Create reached out to me recently and asked me share what I would want to find in a crate of theirs. It sounded really fun and creative so of course I said yes!

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box that provides you with 4-6 items that fits their theme for that month. Other than an original Loot Crate, they also offer a variety such as Loot Amine, Loot Gaming, Loot Wear and many more!

The theme that I have chosen is Geeking Out, mainly because if you were to write a book about my daily life, half of what I say or use or come across has something to do with pop culture references. Let’s dive into what I would want in my crate:


The IT Crowd NES game” T-Shirt – Every computer geek has to watch this show, and every computer geek will love it. The humor of this show will never grow old. It also acts as a time capsule for future generations so they can see how technology was during the time of the show’s run. So I included an IT Crowd T-shirt from Redbubble. 

“Rory Gilmore” Pop VinylRory Gilmore is far from a perfect person, especially with the whole love life fiasco. But she is a perfect nerd. I love pop vinyls and I love collecting them, so of course I included the figurine of everyone’s favorite Stars Hollow.

“S.T.A.R. Labs” MugI have always wanted something S.T.A.R. Labs related! Especially that sweatshirt that everyone always wears and can never find in conventions. Though I do love mugs. The one I included is from Redbubble.

“Nerd Herd” StickerIt’s in the name itself. Chuck Bartowski consists of pop culture references, computer knowledge and good looks (still pretty upset about how they ended that show). I always wanted to decorate the case of my laptop with stickers. I included a Nerd Herd sticker, from Redbubble.

“Nerdy Monkey” KeychainKipling is one of the best things that ever existed. I love this keychain, it represents a whole big chunk of my personality, apart from the glasses 🙂

“Harry Potter Marauder’s Map” – I’m pretty sure almost every Harry Potter lover would love to have this in their possessions. I discovered this from Think Geek.

What would you have in your dream Loot Crate?


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