Review Policy

I am currently accepting books/graphic novels for review. If you are interested in me reviewing your novel or series, please read the information below before contacting me.

All of my reviews are completely honest. My thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes will be included. If I didn’t enjoy the novel, I will state what made me feel that way about it, in most cases it may have not appealed to me personally. If the novel is a big read, it will take me a longer time to read and review it. I will do my best to put a review up at a reasonable time.

I will mention the following things in my review:

  • title
  • author (and illustrator for graphic novels)
  • publisher
  • genre
  • format received in
  • series or standalone
  • links to where it can be purchased (Book Depository, Amazon, etc.)
  • Goodreads link (or otherwise)
  • blurb
  • quotes
  • review
  • rating out of five

The review will also be up on my Goodreads profile. It may be shorter than what will be up on my blog. Also, a photo will be posted on my Instagram account, informing my followers about the review.

I normally read Young Adult books, sometimes New Adult and Middle Grade. The genres I prefer to read are:

  • contemporary
  • fantasy
  • dystopian/science fiction
  • paranormal/supernatural
  • crime/thriller/mystery
  • humor
  • historical fiction
  • romance

Genres that I am not interested in are:

  • non-fiction
  • religion
  • poetry

I accept formats such as ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies), hardback, paperback (preferably not an eBook).


If you would like to request an honest review from me, please email me at or fill out a contact form below.

In your message, please include:

  • title
  • author
  • genre
  • synopsis
  • format of book (ARC, paperback/hardcover)
  • link to author’s website (if not, Goodreads profile?)
  • whether or not there is a due date for the review
  • any other information

I will attempt to read the novel and have the review up in a week or two after receiving it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my policy, I look forward to hearing from you.

The form below will send your message to

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