“The Bad Beginning” – Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Review

It happened! Netflix picked up a beloved book series of mine! I was beyond excited when I first heard the news that the series was going to happen.

I’ve had a lot of images in my head about what the setting would look like, what the characters would look like, while I was reading the books. A lot of those were supported by Brad Silberling’s movie adaptation.

The settings in the movie were similar to the movie adaptation. It was exactly how I pictured them while reading the books, dark, gloomy with an ominous tone.

I loved that the Baudelaire cast was younger than those from the movie adaptation, (especially Sunny because I would love to see her grow) and the cast is more diverse. Most of the actors also did a good job in delivering the persona of their character, especially Joan Cusack (who plays Justice Strauss) and Neil Patrick Harriss (who plays Count Olaf). If someone were to watch this series without having read the books, you could clearly tell that each of them have their own little specialty.

When I first found out that Harriss would be playing Count Olaf, I was so happy. I know a lot of people saw a lot of comedy from him in the trailers and were worried that it might take away from his villainous characteristic. I’ve seen a lot of Harriss’ work, so I was expecting Olaf to be kind of a comic relief.


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“A Series of Unfortunate Events” Playlist

To celebrate the airing of the A Series of Unfortunate Events TV series on Netflix, I thought I would create a little playlist for anyone who’s feeling unfortunate, down, or if you’re reading the book and looking for some background music. The following are 13 songs (yes, 13) that somewhat fits the overall mood and theme of the series.

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Cutting Back on TV

School is approaching again and as I approach that dreadful day, I’ve decided to cut back on some of the many shows that I watch. My aim is to put these shows off until I finish my HSC exams this year, then afterwards, I’m onto binge-watching mode. I thought about giving up the newly aired Legends of Tomorrow, but since it’s linked to two other shows, I’ll probably spoiled. Cross-overs have their pros and cons. Anyway, let’s get to it 🙂

  • Bones

  • Criminal Minds

  • Modern Family

  • Scandal

  • Scorpion

  • Supergirl

  • The Vampire Diaries

Good luck to me and my attempt to avoid any spoilers that might come my way for these 🙂 That might look like a long list though let’s see the shows I’m not giving up to compare. The reason I’m not cutting back on these is either because it’s my favourite show, I need a light watch during stress or it’s easily spoiled. There is nothing worse than spoilers.
(Italics mean I can put it off for a few weeks til I have time to watch it)

  • Supernatural

  • Arrow

  • The Flash

  • Legends of Tomorrow

  • Castle

  • How To Get Away with Murder

  • Pretty Little Liars

  • Shadowhunters

  • The Big Bang Theory (everyone needs a light, short and easy laugh here and there so I decided to keep this one)

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2016 Midseason Premiers

Hello fellow bookworms! Winter break is over and soon all of our favourite shows are coming back! Quick post here just to share with you two brand new shows that are starting this January and they are:

Shadowhunters – ABC Family/Freeform
Tuesday, 12 January (Wed, 13 January for Aus)

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – The CW
Thursday, 21 January (Fri, 22 January for Aus)

[youtube ]